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Daily Self-Care Rituals using Skin Care Routines

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

When thinking of self-care, it often conjures up images of day spas, massages and tropical island holidays. While these are fabulous and a beautiful indulgence, the truth is, we are not doing this every week to fill our cups. We need regular daily self-care to enable us to continue living a positive, purposeful life.

If you have ever been to a workshop or pamper session with me, you will know that I am super passionate about making sure that you spend time looking after yourself daily.

Before you dismiss this idea and scroll to the next thing, please take a moment to consider what I have to share with you. We all lead busy lives. I am yet to find someone who can tell me that they don't. Everyone's version of busy is different too but what I know is that most people have some kind of skin care routine. This is where skin care routines can come into their own and become the daily self-care rituals that keep you going till you CAN have that tropical island holiday.

How can this work for me?

When I take people on an 8 step self-applied facial pampering journey, with MelissaMade with Love natural skin care products, I encourage participants to take 10 more seconds for themselves.

Whaat?? 10 seconds!!

Yes, let me explain. What if I told you that it typically takes just 10 seconds for you to wash your face. On average, that is how long it will take a person to use their cleanser. It doesn't sound very long, does it?

I encourage you to change that just a little. What if you were to close your eyes and be totally present while cleansing and really feel into the action. Take just 10 more seconds to connect to yourself. How does your skin feel? Is it smooth? Is there a rough patch? Take just a moment longer to really feel into the process.

When you are totally mindful and present while doing what you may consider mundane, something magical happens to your body and mind. You relax your muscles, the tightness on your brow eases. Your shoulders relax and tension starts to lift. Can this really happen in just 10 seconds. Well, it's a start.....

Small changes create new habits

If all you do now is cleanse and moisturise, then great!! Start there. Small changes to your everyday rituals can create new and lasting habits. If you feel you don't have time to do a full facial, just start small.

After adding another mindful 10 seconds to your cleansing routine, apply your face moisturiser mindfully. I ask you to consider spending 30 seconds to massage your cream in. Starting with closing your eyes and again, really be present and in the moment. Feel any tension around your jaw, and kindly work your fingers into the spaces that you hadn't even noticed are tight. Mine is often the temples and the brow. Gently moisturise down your neck, an often-neglected area of the body but a very visible one. Take these 30 seconds, just for you. You deserve it.

This is easy, what next?

Yay!! I love it if this is easy for you. If so, extend it to all areas of your skin care and personal care routines. Here are a few more ideas.

  • Apply your perfume with your eyes closed and inhale deeply.

  • Brush your teeth focusing on each tooth individually.

  • Count 100 strokes when brushing your hair.

  • Apply makeup with quality brushes.

  • Apply body lotion slowly and sensually, languishing in moments of gentle caress.

  • Soak in magnesium salts for deep relaxation.

  • Massage your hands when you apply your hand cream.

  • Apply a hair mask when soaking in the bath.

Power Shower

Years ago, as a single mum, when I needed a moment for myself, I often took a shower. It was my safe place, the kids were not allowed in, so it was where I was able to honour myself. I will admit, sometimes I took 3 showers a day so I could give myself maximum self-care moments. I still do this in some ways. The bathroom has become my home day spa and I love taking the moments to treat my skin.

How about indulging yourself with a power shower. Light a few candles, put on your favourite music. Go the extra step and use that exfoliator you were given for your birthday, open that fancy soap or shower gel. Give yourself a little more each day. The dishes can wait.

After reading this, if you are inspired to take a few minutes more for yourself, I'd love you to let me know below or tag me in your self-care posts on social media @melissamadewithlove

Every tag on Facebook and Instagram goes into a quarterly draw to win a $50 voucher.

Melissa with eyes closed, hands on face
Honour yourself

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