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The very first face moisturiser I crafted dates back to 1999. While I've since expanded my product line, I still wholeheartedly believe in the timeless qualities of my Original Face Moisturiser. This tub of skincare goodness is enriched with the nourishing properties of cocoa butter, hemp seed oil, and sweet almond oil. I've also infused it with healing calendula oil, along with soothing elements like chamomile, neroli, and rose. For over 20 years, it's been the secret to keeping my skin in its prime condition.

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Now that I've celebrated my 50th birthday, I've discovered a new ally in my skincare routine — GREEN COFFEE BEAN OIL. Tailored for maturing skin, these products are brimming with powerhouse ingredients. From Rosehip Seed oil to Carrot Seed and Frankincense essential oils, along with the star of the show, Green Coffee Bean oil. This dynamic blend not only hydrates but also tightens, firms, evens out skin tone, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. The eye cream even boasts aloe vera to soothe and diminish puffiness.

The Salon Range was formulated with Baldivis beautician Lina of My Beauty Room.  Together we worked for nearly two years to develop this range. Lina now uses it exclusively in her home beauty salon.

Gentle but effective for all skin types including sensitive, this range has a creamy face cleanser, rose water toner, creamy face scrub, pink clay mask, as well as a gorgeous face and eye cream with Sandalwood and Chamomile essential oils. 

(Launched Nov 2020)

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