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Over two decades ago, while raising my children, I encountered the challenge of my youngest child's skin sensitivity. This experience prompted me to explore the use of natural products within my household and for her skincare. I embarked on a journey of learning by training in Aromatherapy and mastering the art of crafting natural bath and body products. It was during this time that my passion and creativity truly blossomed.

Ever since, I have remained dedicated to using homemade, natural face and body products. My pursuit of knowledge has led me to continually expand my understanding of new ingredients and techniques. I successfully completed a Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation in 2019, and I am currently engaged in the updated version of the course. As I constantly experiment with fresh ideas, my friends and family have graciously served as my enthusiastic test subjects. Their unwavering encouragement and support have fuelled my commitment to providing them and others with the very best in self-care and skin care. I am truly grateful.

Additionally, seven years ago, I delved into the art of creating candle gifts, infusing my home and theirs with the soothing ambiance they provide

With MelissaMade with Love, I am thrilled to share my passion for self-care, skin care, and natural solutions, spreading joy through my creations.

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