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Final day of summer

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

As I watched the sunset on the last day of summer I was reminded of the commitment I made on November 1. I planned then to visit the ocean daily and watch the sunset as many days as possible.

The ocean cleanses & grounds me, clears my thoughts and allows me to slow down intentionally.

This commitment to myself has been the most amazing gift. Each day it made me aware that I had to make it happen or it would be an opportunity lost.

This is true of self care in general. If you wait until you have time or have finished all that is perceived as necessary to be done, you will miss the opportunity to take some moments purely for yourself.

The sun will set, no matter how busy we are. By taking time to watch the sunset, it often meant I had to abandon whatever I was in the middle of, to walk to the beach. At times, once I returned and my perspective had shifted, I realised what I thought was super important, really wasn’t and could wait till tomorrow.

I’m also grateful for the magnificent sky show that I’ve witnessed during the summer months. Here’s tonights spectacular view.

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