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Soothe and Protect Balm - in the spotlight.

I'd love to tell you how my Soothe and Protect Balm came about.

23 years ago, my toddler had skin sensitivity and was prescribed a cortisone cream by the doctor. I was studying aromatherapy and natural alternatives and was inspired to create something to soothe her skin. I didn’t manage to get it right straight away but eventually I created the Soothing Baby Balm for skin rashes, especially nappy rash and gifted it to all my friends with new babies.

For years my Soothing Baby Balm was being used not only for babies but by people who had sensitive skin and wanted a gentle product to assist with protecting the skin against dryness, restoring moisture and something that would combat some skin conditions.

Soothing Baby Balm was being used on skin which had eczema, dermatitis, general dryness and sensitivity. The ingredients of cocoa butter and hemp seed oil are high in essential fatty acids and restore the moisture to skin, while the chamomile essential oil and calendula oil, soothe inflamed skin. Finally lanolin creates a protective barrier to keep the moisture locked in and reduce irritants. This is why it is particularly useful for nappy rash.

One day a grandmother who had been buying it regularly, asked me if I would consider using a different label as her 10 year old grandson wasn't happy to be using a BABY product. She was currently removing the labels and popping a fun sticker on it so he would use his magic cream.

After consideration, and realising that many others were also using it for older children and adults, I modified the formulation slightly, but with the same key ingredients and launched Soothe and Protect Balm.

This product remains one of the most popular products in my range for sensitive skin.

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